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I am Allie Zimmerman and I’m so grateful for the donation from Youth in Mission toward my Honduras mission trip, which was so life changing, eye opening, and just a growing experience all around. Down in Honduras for the first three days we did not get on our phones. It was so so nice. Not knowing the time, and really being intentional and present with the Lord was awesome.

One of my favorite days was going to an orphanage with kids who have HIV. Just getting to love on them and show them they were loved by us and most importantly loved by Jesus was so beautiful. 


When we first came to Honduras we met a kid named Tony. Global Year shared with us that Tony had told them he liked living in sin and didn’t understand why God does what he does. We all then soon became so close with him and all loved him so much. The last night as we were there Tony started to cry. It was so hard for all of us to see that. We did not think we would get to see him again, but we all had just been praying for his salvation the whole week. The morning of us almost getting ready to leave, Tony told us that he accepted Jesus!!!!!! He talked to an intern the night he was crying and told him that all he wanted was a Father, And God came through!! We got to see him get baptized (see photo) and it was such an awesome experience. God is so good!!


Once again thank you!!!! So so grateful Sincerely, Allie Zimmerman 

Allie's 2023 Mission Feedback
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