Good Evening, Youth in Mission!!

  I got back from my mission trip to Puerto Rico on Friday! I had the best time ever. It was truly a life changing experience from beginning to end. It was filled with fun, laughter, hard work, growth, and God moments.

  My group and I had the privilege of working to build a deck and clean the house of a kind woman named María Julia Clemente. She only spoke Spanish so we were able to talk to her and granddaughter through google translate and translators. Send Relief, the group we worked with spoke both languages. They were incredibly nice to us and we got super close with them throughout the week. From building, cleaning, eating, and just chatting together, we made such good memories and friends with them.

  One powerful moment in particular, was Wednesday night. It started at María Julia’s house when we got to talk to her grand daughter about Christ, and she shared with us that she was a believer and her two favorite songs were “Way Maker” and “Oceans”. Later that night between dinner and devotions, we stumbled upon a amphitheater that was at the old police athletic academy that we were staying at. We didn’t think anything would be going on inside, but we decided to go in and sure enough there was a church service. Although we couldn’t really understand the words, they had an altar call and sang the two songs “Way Maker” and “Oceans.”

  The presence of God filled that room and brought many of us to tears. It was amazing to be able to sing those songs that we got to minister to someone just earlier that afternoon. We all had so much fun and had a great connection with God. It was refreshing to be in His presence. I am so thankful for the help that your donations gave me to be able to have such an amazing opportunity.

  Thank you so much for everything!! - Macie

Macie's Mission Feedback
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