I am thankful to Youth in Mission for helping me travel on this life changing mission trip to Jamaica. The country abounds in Christ’s Love and the people represent His love and service. We served with 2 ministries in Montego Bay area: Youth with a Mission and Homes of Hope dedicated to helping the deaf community of Jamaica. We learned some sign language, and caught a glimpse of a world unlike anything I had never experienced before.

    Our team built a home, pictured here with the Blossom family we worked with and built it for. We also prayed with them each day and heard stories of how God has moved in them and from some of the locals we met.

    I believe we, as a team, made a lasting impact that week and I left with a deeper relationship with Christ and new perspective on service and life as a Christian in another country. I am grateful to Youth in Mission, in particular my YiM sponsors Eva and Paul Hildreth, for playing a valuable part in what the Lord did through our team that week.

    - Evan Ross

Some of the things my 'Go Be Love' group did in Costa-Rica were: helped paint a church, packed backpacks and handed them out to several groups of less fortunate children, dug a trench for a local missionary family to keep their supplies in, taught children how to make string crosses, learned the different ways the Costa-Ricans worship and went to their youth group, did fun activities with the children there.  Costa-Rica is so pretty surrounded by the beautiful ocean.  Even though the service work was exhausting! I was a little sad when we got home because I missed Costa-Rica and wished the mission trip was not over.

But I knew, in my heart, this mission to Costa-Rica is just the start of my Christian life in service.

Thanks, Bailey

Hello everyone!

I am happy to report that my team and I are back safe, sound and HEALTHY from the island of Trinidad! Although my application was planned for the Guyana trip, our destination was adjusted to Trinidad last minute when the presidential election date of the country was announced to be the same time as our trip date. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I am so blessed to have been a part of it! Wouldn’t have been possible without the YiM scholarship I was granted!

Thank you so much for helping me impact the lives of other people in the missions field, I am truly so blessed. 

Blessings,  Brenna

Brenna's mission group in Trinidad 2020.

   This summer I worked with Catholic Heart Work Camp in Puerto Rico alongside SBP: Disaster Resilience & Recovery on homes damaged from last year’s hurricanes.  Pictured are before and after pics of 1 of the homes.  It was damaged throughout the inside AND outside.  The other home we worked on had been totally destroyed by the hurricane, so we completely rebuilt the inside and outside.

   God bless Youth in Mission for helping make it possible for me to go on this extraordinary mission trip.  It really opened my eyes to the dire needs that exist in our world.

    - Kirsten McNamara

YiM T-shirt & scholarship sponsored by Marla Jones' Bible Study Ladies

Statue in Puerto Rico 2019.JPG

CLICK to watch Kirsten's

Puerto Rico

mission testimony

In just one week serving at Ms. Mary's house in Kentucky, God taught me so much about love, service, boldness, other people, His goodness, and so much more. I learned to be bolder and more loving, and to have fun while doing it. Just like the Bible says, to do all things without grumbling or complaining. Weather conditions included very hot, to chilly, to rainy, but we made it through working and walking back and forth hauling newly shipped wood from Red Bird Camp Warehouse to the work site.


I enjoyed being at a place so different than where I live, and being able to serve everyone. This trip to Kentucky impacted me and I miss it so much! Everytime something from the trip is brought up again, it makes me emotional and I realize how crazy it is how one week can “change your life” as people say, and how opportunities like these, which everyone should have, can change your heart. It definitely changed aspects of mine.

We helped a lady named Ms. Mary by unscrewing old posts holding up her roof and re-screwed them more stable. We cut spindles for a new railing, using a circular saw, then drilled them in - which was SO much fun. We got the newly shipped wood from the Red Bird Warehouse and finished the majority of the spindles and began on the stairs, then unloaded from the warehouse again. At lunch one of the adults spoke to us about serving and loving each other as Jesus did.

The next day we cemented posts in, cut out stairs frame (making sure it was level), then cut and drilled the steps in. At our lunch break Ms. Mary had made us pizza, brownies, soda, and brought them out to us! It was so kind of HER to serve US in that way. We got her address so we can keep in touch with her.

In group later, another lady we met had been through all kinds of abuse, being sold by her own brother, foster care, and more. I thanked her for telling her story and I sang a song dedicated to her called "His Daughter," which ends with realizing there IS a God  and He loves her. I was grateful I obeyed God and sang, because I learned how God's love can flow through me and reach other people's hearts. The woman cried, hugged me, and said "Thank you, that was beautiful."  The Red Bird camp nurse thanked me for sharing through that song and also warned me, "Listen to your friends. This (sexual abuse) happens to 1 in every 4 women so take care of and look out for them."

I’m so grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to many more like it! Thanks to the Biviano family for sponsoring me through Youth in Mission, both financially and prayerfully.  I'm so grateful and glad to share this experience with you!

   -  Rachel

   Thank you to Miss Meredith & West Cobb God's Girls Bible Study Group SO much for sponsoring this mission trip, through Youth in Mission, to the Appalachian Mountains!

   Our North Cobb Christian School group traveled up there and worked hard on a back deck for a nice lady, Ms. Mary, and her family in Kentucky who needed their deck repaired. They have a small baby and there was no railing. We also put in stairs on the porch. In the mornings and again at night we had devotion. I enjoyed this mission because I felt it bringing me closer to God and was sad to leave.   Thank you, Hannah



   This mission opened my eyes to opportunity & call God gives us to build His Church and be missionary disciples. We grew friendships with people in Fan, Albania, and did Bible study each afternoon with children and teenagers. Language barrier was kind of hard; but our translator, Ester, was the best. She spent all week with us and we loved having her on mission.

   The generosity and hospitality of those we were called to serve stood out to me. Every home we visited was so generous, bringing out plates of food, drinks, etc…. to show their kindness; and we were grateful to encounter the joyful and amazing Fan culture. Their slow paced society reminded me we are meant to live in communion with one another as the body of Christ, while slowing us down to see all of the work God did thru us that week and time to reflect on our work and prepare ourselves to continue it after we left Albania. One of our FOCUS missionaries said, “The mission doesn’t end because we are leaving Fan.”

   I already miss that week and how happy I was doing mission work; but Jesus reminds me the mission is forever going. I am excited to see how God uses this experience now that I am back home and continuing with school.     In Christ, Samantha Reinert

Thank you again for the Youth in Mission scholarship that you provided for my trip to Guatemala.

   I returned from my life-changing mission trip on Friday.  I truly gained a new perspective and outlook on life.

   I saw just how blessed I am to be born in America and my family.  I realize and see how blessed I am.  I am more grateful for the smallest things than ever now.

   While there, we experienced a wildfire and a small earthquake which I never felt myself.  Traveling to Guatemala, a third world country, was like entering an entire new world.

   It was amazing to see people living in poverty had such happiness within themselves.  I got very connected to a few of the kids there and on some level felt like I was leaving our children in another country. I was so moved by my experience, I can’t wait to return to Guatemala.

   Thanks for everything,   Andy Czosek 

  My mission trip to Guatemala was a life-changing experience. We spent the week doing repairs around the compound and playing with the children. Seeing the joy in the Guatemalans was humbling. They have close to nothing, yet are constantly happy.

  Back home I have been much happier and grateful. Guatemalan children I served were thankful for all they had, which is very little.

  A key to being thankful is generosity. These kids did not know where their next meal was coming from, yet would always offer us food. They did not rush to get their meal first, but passed trays down others could receive first, perfectly representing putting others before yourself.

  In Guatemala, I learned what it really means to care for others through relationships I formed with them.

I hope that this change will impact my life forever and lead me to many more service and mission opportunities.

  I thank Youth in Mission and my scholarship sponsor, Vulcan Materials, for helping make this trip happen, allowing me to experience this incredible week.

  - Evan Ross, North Cobb Christian School

Hello Youth in Mission!

  I had an incredible time in Guatemala, and I will remember the trip for the rest of my life. I helped build houses and got very attached to the people and children quicker than imagined. Serving in Guatemala really put life in perspective for me and I realize more of God's goodness. This opportunity was a blessing and I hope I impacted lives in a country that is totally different from mine.

  The people in Guatemala were so loving and kind, and I will forever cherish the memories of serving along side them.

  I am thankful for the scholarship that Youth in Mission gave me. Without the help, I may not have had this experience that changed my life. This mission trip was so amazing, and I am so glad that I was able to go.

  Thanks again, Hampton

         Cambodia, wow. Never in my life has a place left me so speechless. A place filled with life and color, yet struck deep with death and darkness. 


My time there was short but our efforts were big! We helped build a bamboo home from the ground up for a widow and her family whose old house was being threatened by the floods with every passing day. Making it even more special, we build it side by side with the family and other natives! We started to pick up the language and in no time we were laughing and sharing the love of Jesus together. The family was overjoyed and filled with hope as they moved into their new home. So excited, that the grandmother completely forgot to go to the market to sell her vegetables that day! After work each day, we played with the children for hours. They longed for the love that we had for them and their happiness was written all over their faces.

It was a hard place to be and had us all out of our comfort zones. We slept in the still and steaming hot nights on bamboo mats with mosquitos waiting patiently outside our individual nets for us. We missed flights, lost luggage, and food illness struck hard on our team, causing us to all grew sick at some point. This trip must have been a part of something big because Satan wanted to stop us. But God's power is stronger and we were victorious through Him!


I can't thank Youth in Mission enough for getting me one step closer to this amazing opportunity. I will continue to share these stories for the rest of my life, in hopes to inspire one another to be a part of something bigger than themselves, something only God knows the purpose behind.


Thank you and please reach out if you have any additional questions!    - Emily Hochheiser

CLICK to see Emily's "Raw Impact" Team build hut for poor family in Cambodia

Youth in Mission helped fund Middle School student, Brenlee Kitchens, to help an African family in Masaka, Uganda, build a house in a remote village called Kiwalla with an organization called "To The Nations." They set up a small clinic to treat approx 300 children, most of who had never seen a doctor; and visited a school  and hospital to distribute clothing and medical supplies.

A big thank you to everyone who supports Youth in Mission. I'm deeply grateful for generous hearts like yours. I could not have gone back to serve in Guatemala a second time, and fallen even more in love with this country and its beautiful people, without your help.

    While in Guatemala, my team got to share Christ's love with Amor del Nino & Miguel Magoney orphans, located outside Antigua. I spent most of my time painting and sprucing up the living areas where visitors stay. Others on our team laid cement, gardened, installed insulation, and a handicap accessible bathroom.

      We also traveled to Zapote and put on a Field Day for kids at Source of Hope School.

Amazed at the pure joy these kids exude despite their hardships, I'm inspired to live my life constantly in a grateful mindset. There's a special place in my heart for Guatemala and I cannot wait to go back soon!  

God bless, Sarah Ramsey-Mount Paran Christian School

Sarah wore YiM T-shirt to paint orphanage walls near Amor del Nino, Guatemala

CLICK Video to hear Sarah tell about her Mission Trip to Guatemala

     “Do not pass a man in need, for you may be the hands of God to him” Proverbs 3:27

Shine’s Catholic Heart Work Camp split into groups because of all the houses and different jobs we needed to conquer in the short time we had on our mission trip to an area of Houston TX damaged by last year's hurricane. My group was in charge of spreading mud onto a wall, sanding it, and eventually painting that wall. 

The past two days were spent in the house of Nelly, an older lady in her nineties. Her house, and many in her neighborhood, were completely destroyed to the point of almost rebuild the whole house. 

It was heartbreaking to see effects of the hurricane, and there are still areas that haven’t improved much after all this time! The area we worked had been completely under water. Since it had been recommended to clear out anything touched by water, a lot of people had to clear out their whole house. Many people did not have tools or money to rebuild their house, and others were incapable due to age and disabilities. We saw people living in tents in their front yards. I realized how much I have, and returned home more thankful of it. 

This mission was an amazing experience to be the hands and feet of our God. My life was forever changed from this experience, and because of it I will now volunteer in my community, knowing there is always something that needs some improvement. There is so much that can be done in this world to make it a better place, and I’m so happy to say that I was able to take part in that process.   Ashleigh

I fell in love with Tanzania. The people are so welcoming and loving; any church we visited, congregation would have a home cooked meal prepared for us after the service. God revealed more of Himself to me during these two weeks, and one of my favorite parts of the trip was watching their worship services. They sing and dance for hours, wanting us to join them. Their worship with immense joy and passion. It's amazing how we all worship the same God but in vastly different ways. The Maasai people live far away from any civilization and hardly ever encounter others who aren't a part of their group. One of our group leaders shared the Gospel at one of the Maasai villages and multiple people gave their lives to Christ. God also worked through prayer; in all of the churches we visited, we invited people to come to the front to be prayed for, and everyone in the churches would come up. We also prayed healing over a few women and children. One of the hardest parts of the trip for me was leaving the children at the orphanage because we grew close and their stories were heartbreaking. On our last night in Morogoro, we went to the orphanage to say bye to the children, and we prayed over them. Then they asked us if they could pray over us and that was one of the most surreal and empowering moments. I have so many things to take away from this trip, and it will have a lasting impact on my life. I hope that I will have the opportunity to go back and begin creating more relationships with the people. Thank you very much for sponsoring me.    Sincerely, Sarah Hollifield 

CLICK Video to hear Sarah tell about her Mission Trip to Tanzania

There is so much to say about my trip to Haiti, but I first want to extend my deep gratitude to Youth in Mission because without your financial/spiritual support I would not have been able to have had the encounters and transformations that I did. We were able to facilitate activities on the base— such as a daily mass, girl’s small group, a soccer tournament and just being available to encounter the people who walked through the gates— as well as help with work projects around the base. We also had a lot of community outreach through home visits, visiting an orphanage and doing prison ministry. 

One of the most transformative experiences on the trip was going to the prison. Going into the day the full time missionaries did their best to explain what we were about to encounter, but there are no words to adequately prepare us. Upon arriving we were split into a few small groups of about 3 people each, so we could make sure every cell had been interacted with. The length of our time there was all dependent on the prison guards— it could be anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes— so we had to make sure our time was fully lived into. There were 6 normal sized cells and 20-30 grown men piled on top of one another in each one. We had the opportunity to uphold the dignity of every man we encountered, reminding them of their worth, holding their hands, asking them questions and sharing Scripture with them. There was a moment where the men in our cell wanted to rejoice in life with us and sang a hymn to us; in return they asked us to sing to them. This sharing of joy in a moment that could’ve been so bitter for them was something that Jesus really redeemed. There was so much that struck me in the short 20 minutes we got to spend in there, I could talk for hours about it.

There are not enough words to fully describe the experiences God endured with me through this trip, but I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend there.       Mesi Bondye Mesi!!   Emily Jackson

I thank Youth in Mission for funding my Guatemala mission expenses. The 3 families that received houses were very grateful for our work. As an active participant in all construction, it was eye-opening to see conditions these people lived in, houses without plumbing and only one room. The homes were dedicated on the mission’s final day, including Gospel reading and blessing. I am happy I went down, met these wonderful people, and recommend this kind of mission trip to anyone. – Luis Jaime, October 2017

Piper Martin tells about & thanks Youth in Mission for scholarship toward her 2017 mission trip to Guatemala

Anna tells about & thanks Youth in Mission for scholarship toward her 2017 mission trip to Nicaragua

Piper sports YiM T-shirt while serving in Guatemala

(Order this T-shirt on our MERCHANDISE Page)

Sarah thanks Youth in Mission for scholarship toward her 2017 2-month mission trip to South Africa

Dear Youth in Mission,

   Thank you so much for considering me for a scholarship towards my mission trip to New York City's Hell's Kitchen during spring break.

   I love Youth in Mission's goal to make mission trips possible for students.

  :)   With Love, Anna Grace Jenkins

       "Because of Youth in Mission, serving with the people in Ireland has given me new hope for evangelization of the world, to see the love of God working through the Irish is truly inspiring. May we all continue to pray that our Lord sets Ireland ablaze with a zeal for souls!"   -Zahi (bottom right)

  Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve the Lord in Mexico and for your prayers over my mission trip! It was truly a blessed experience. No words can describe how God worked through the entire trip. General Cepeda people are so joyful and filled with faith that it was moving to see them rely completely on The Lord and trust in His plan for them.

  We had the opportunity to build a house for a young family trying to get on their feet and start a living. We also had opportunity to go to outskirt communities surround General Cepeda and preach the Gospel and pray with them as children of God. 

   I look forward to working with YiM in the future.

  In Christ, Zahi

I can not thank Youth in Mission enough for making going on this trip a reality. It is difficult to find the words to adequately describe my time in Haiti, God moved in unimaginable ways! We were able to help out with work projects on the base, do home visits in the village to lead Bible studies and pray with our Haitian brothers and sisters as well as visit the prison to minister to those there. I have never encountered Jesus so profoundly in people before than in this country and I have gained such new perspective on what it means to fully live for the Glory of God. Thank you so much for all of your support!


 Mesi Bondye Mesi (thank you God thank you!)

 - Kelsey Orr

Thank you Youth in Mission for your support!


My 2016 trip to Haiti was definitely a trip that will never be forgotten. Our days were spent visiting families that live in the area, visiting prisoners in their cells, painting homes for other missionary families to move into, and participating in Mass with thousands of other Haitians. In both the physical work and the conversations had with the Haitians and the Americans, my heart for Christ and others was molded to act and to be in His presence in an even deeper way. Christ was so present in every thing we did.


One of the most memorable experiences was during Sunday Mass. It was an outdoor mass with nearly 3,000 Haitians celebrating the first Sunday of the New Year. I had the privilege of sitting next to a little 11-year-old Haitian girl. Since I hardly spoke Creole, she helped me follow the song sheet during mass, singing along side her, praising the Lord with her, was one of the most incredible experiences. I didn’t know what we were singing, but it didn’t matter.


God blessed our group in unfathomable ways. Many of us, myself included, arrived expecting to serve the community and the teens there. But they loved us so well and really served us even more than we did to them. Serving along side them, going to mass with them, and talking with them gave me a new perspective on what it means to be part of a Universal church.


Mesi Bondye, Mesi!!  Best regards,  Mignon Farnet 

Thank you so very much for your financial and spiritual support in Youth in Mission. My mission trip would not have been possible without your overwhelming generosity! Ever since the earthquake in 2010, so many different experiences have connected me to Haiti, and I knew that I had to go visit the Life Teen mission base there.


The week was incredible, being able to journey with the full-time missionaries with work projects, home visits, mass at the Co-Cathedral, take part in a youth event for the year of mercy, meet the Haitian summer missionaries that had experienced summer camp just like we did, play soccer with all the children on the base, and visit a prison.


The whole trip filled me with so much hope for the future of the country. The priest that lives on the base, Fr. Louis, gave me a history of Haiti, and apparently, when the country was a French colony, they produced 40% of all of France’s wealth! Even though Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, they have so much potential. The trip was truly life-changing. It taught me how to take even the saddest situations, and redeem them in the light and hope that Christ, Our Savior, endlessly provides.


God Bless You, Casey Moore

   Thanks to Youth in Mission's financial support,

I journeyed to El Salvador & spent a week constructing new house foundations, then playing with the children. Many hearts were touched. Much of this country’s history is heartbreaking (persecution); but our faith inspires us to pursue God with courage, not fear.

I returned home with the love

of Christ bright in my heart.

            - Cassie

Dear Y.i.M.,

Let me start with a thank you; this trip to Guatemala was amazing and I couldn't have done it without Youth in Mission - you were God's answer to my prayers. We were able to provide medical care and evangelism to people in villages with no access to medical care, and people otherwise uninterested in hearing the gospel. 

Thanks for giving me to opportunity to go minister

and serve the people in Guatemala. I feel closer to God and wish to go back next year. 

Once again, Thank You    ~ Micah Anthis

Muito Obrigada (Many Thanks), Youth in Mission


The experience of being submerged in another culture and the opportunity to serve alongside Campus Outreach Brazil was life changing! We learned to live and minister in community together and thank God for each step along the away, whether it be sowing, watering, or reaping, they are equally important.

We focused on building relationships showing students they belong, are loved, important, and cared for, hoping they would experience the body of Christ through community. Building genuine friendships that gave students a sense of belonging was so important.

Gabriella Walden

Picture to come


"I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have won the Youth in Mission scholarship last year. Because of it I was able to serve God and live out His words. I met so many new and exciting people during my week at Catholic Heart Work Camp. I worked with my brothers and sisters to help those who could not help themselves. None of that would have been possible without your kind generosity." 

- Nathonya 

Hi YiM! 


Here are some photos of us in Haiti. We both are so thankful for this mission; our lives have forever changed.  The Lord was so faithful and it was beautiful to see the universality of Christ's love.  We are continuing to pray for this mission and can't wait to see the growth of YiM. 


In Christ, 

Katrina and Aidan

    " I went on an incredible Medical Mission to Ghana, Africa and Youth in Mission helped make it possible.  I raised money from babysitting, tutoring, and being a doctor’s assistant; however, my earnings were not enough to cover the airfare and mission fee.  The Youth in Mission award was a blessing as it covered my shortfall.

     I have always enjoyed serving others, from working in soup kitchens to helping special needs children and many things between; but I have truly developed a love for international mission trips.  When I saw an advertisement in the Georgia Bulletin about Pip’s Youth in Mission Scholarship I was thrilled with the knowledge that this award could make my mission financially possible.  I am extremely grateful to Pip and his team for helping provide me with the opportunity to bring Jesus’s love to the people I met in Ghana.

     During the mission, I went door-to-door throughout some remote villages and prayed with people inviting them to the medical clinic we were hosting.  Because it was a medical mission, the trip also provided me with awesome opportunities to learn and help the doctors treat the local people.  I have realized that after I become a nurse (my college major), I would like to continue to travel to third-world countries and help both the physical and spiritual needs of less fortunate people.

     My mission to Ghana has changed my life and opened my eyes to the many blessings I have been given.  I am so grateful to Youth in Mission for helping to make the trip possible! "    - Nicole

Youth in Mission,


Thank you for your support and prayers in this exciting season of my life! The gift I received has helped me in the process of moving to Southeast Asia to start life and ministry. The first three months have been a fun learning experience about culture and language. My new friends that God has blessed me with have been so helpful in teaching me and I have been very encouraged by the faith of the believers here in this country. We are excited to partner with the churches and help them reach their goal of spreading the Gospel to every district and village of this country. Millions of people are worshiping idols in temples made by man and have never heard the truth of Jesus. We are praying for the millions of people who have never had a chance to hear the Gospel, that they may be reached quickly.


Thank you! 


Dear Youth in Mission, 


Thank you SO SO much for the donation toward our experience of helping in Nicaragua by giving us a scholarship. We broke the record for most work done in 1 week and accomplished a goal of getting clean water to the area where we worked.


Youth in Mission made it less difficult for our families to afford this trip. We saw God's love is huge in Nicaragua. We will never forget this trip, appreciate so much about our own lives, and some of us plan to go back and help some more with water systems.


God bless Youth in Mission,

Brenda, Emma, Jessica, Gable, Ozzy & Petro 

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