Raising money for a mission trip can be challenging for a teen or young adult! Youth in Mission provides additional funds needed to empower enthusiastic Christian teens and young adults to spread Christ's Word, through their actions and examples, to areas in dire need.

These deeds may include:

teaching people to read  .  building or renovating homes and schools  .  economic development  .  education  .  health care  .  orphanages



  Any SouthEast USA Middle School, High School, College aged students passionate about serving in the mission field but unable to financially fund their mission trip and is actively participating in personal fundraising toward their trip is eligible to apply for this scholarship.

     DEADLINE: November 15 for funding toward next year's mission trips.




Know of a deserving teen or young adult that is struggling to earn money to go on a mission trip? Forward this website to them!

Mai Homrich - Brazil.jpg

Mai Homrich - Brazil

Chloe Hildreth - Arizona.jpg

Chloe Hildreth - Arizona

Maggie Austin - Jamaica.jpg

Maggie Austin - Jamaica

Madison Scruggs - Guatemala.jpg

Madison Scruggs - Guatemala


& their Mission Destinations


see TESTIMONIES tab for some of their stories

Emma Bartlett - Appalachia.jpg

Emma Bartlett - Appalachia

Tomi Oluwa - Honduras & Guatemala.jpg

Tomi Oluwa - Honduras & Guatemala

Sophia Secrest - Rwanda & Kenya.JPG

Sophia Secrest - Middle East Compassion

Elizabeth Turnbough - Tri-Cities USA.jpg

Elizabeth Turnbough - Tri-Cities USA

Ezra Saysanavong - Knoxville TN.jpg

Ezra Saysanavong - Knoxville TN

Sam Mackey - Germany & Finland.JPG

Sam Mackey - Germany & Finland

Emily Simpson - Costa Rica.jpg

Emily Simpson - Costa Rica

Corbin McKay - Guatemala.jpg

Corbin McKay - Guatemala

Chloe Glosson - Germany.jpeg
Carrie Burge - Romania.jpg

Chloe Glosson - Germany

Carrie Burge - Romania

Tofunmi Oluwa - Honduras & Guatemala.jpg

Tofunmi Oluwa - Honduras & Guatemala

Sophia Hernandez-Martinez - Greensboro NC.jpg

Sophia Hernandez-Martinez - Greensboro NC

Josie Mae Wells - Greece.jpg

Josie Mae Wells - Greece

Alfonso Amodia - Nashville TN.jpg
Rylee Walter - Nicaragua.jpeg

Alfonso Amodia - Nashville TN

Rylee Walter - Nicaragua

Sophia Turnbough - Tri-Cities USA.png

Sophia Turnbough - Tri-Cities USA

Hunter Tadin - Nashville TN.jpg

Hunter Tadin - Nashville TN

Ella Lawson -  Costa Rica.jpg

Ella Lawson - Costa Rica

Jennifer Ortiz - Togo W Africa.png

Jennifer Ortiz -

Togo, West Africa

Claire Kovich - Knoxville TN.jpg

Claire Kovich - Knoxville TN

Paige Woodham.jpg

Paige Woodham - Nashville TN

Mason Morrow - Costa Rica.jpg

Mason Morrow - Costa Rica

Emma Grace Johnson - Nicaragua.jpg

Emma Grace Johnson - Nicaragua

Hunter Peterson - Costa Rica.jpg

Hunter Peterson - Costa Rica

Makenna Noble - Guyana.JPG

Makenna Noble - Guyana

Luiza Desouza - Portugal.jpg

Luiza Desouza - Portugal

Bailey Morrow - Puerto Rico.jpg

Bailey Morrow - Appalachia

Paige Smart - Ring of Fire Islands.jpg

Paige Smart -

Ring of Fire Islands

Jayci Jeffreys - Tri-Cities USA.jpg

Jayci Jeffreys - Tri-Cities USA

Annaliese Smith - Honduras & Guatemala.jpg

Annaliese Smith - Honduras & Guatemala

Evan George - Greensboro NC.jpg

Evan George - Greensboro NC

Blake Konchak - Arizona.jpg

Blake Konchak - Arizona

Graham Lawson - Costa Rica.jpg

Graham Lawson - Costa Rica

Lucy King - Puerto Rico.jpg

Lucy King - Miami

Isabella Pittman - Knoxville TN.jpg

Isabella Pittman - Knoxville TN

Caleb Cauley - Guyana.jpg

Caleb Cauley - Guyana

Alina Seeterlin - Knoxville TN.jpg
Finley Ross - Tri-Cities USA.jpg
Cassidy Woodham - Nashville TN.jpg
Caitlyn Morning - Germany.jpg

Cassidy Woodham - Nashville TN

Caitlyn Morning - Germany

Finley Ross - Tri-Cities USA

Alina Seeterlin - Knoxville TN

Josiah Lange - Honduras.JPG

Josiah Lange - Honduras

Bethany P - West Africa.jpg

Bethany P - West Africa

Cade Jeffreys - Appalachia.jpg

Cade Jeffreys - Appalachia

Noelle Eberly - Japan.jpeg

Noelle Eberly - Japan

2020- (Feb)2021 Scholarship Recipients

2020-21 YiM Scholarship recipients.png
2019 Scholarship Recipients.PNG
2019 Scholarship Recipients.PNG

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Only a handful served in 2020 due to Coronavirus mission trip cancellations.

YiM recipients affected by this will be FIRST considered when applying for Fall YiM Scholarships toward 2021 mission trips.

YiM Scholarship Recipients 2018.PNG
YiM Scholarship Recipients 2017.PNG
YiM Scholarship Recipients 2016.PNG
YiM Scholarshp recipients 2015 4.PNG

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory blesses young missionaries

2014 Funding Toward 2015 Mission Trips

Click to View Scholarship Presentation


Jessica, Emma, Ozzy, Gable, Pedro & Brenda

served in Nicaragua

Cassie served in Arkansas

Sara served in Nicaragua

Lauren currently serving in Southeast Asia

Zahi served in Mexico

Katrina and Aiden served in Haiti

Sydney and Morgan served in Brazil



2012 Funding Toward 2013 Mission Trips

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Nathonya served in Jackson, MS

Daniel served in Jackson, MS

Nicole served in Ghana, Africa